Parents Guide To Safe Face Painting This Summer.

Face painting season here in Essex is about to begin with school fetes, outdoor parties and events all over the county taking place, but how safe is the paint at these events?
As an experienced face painter, I have been asked lots of questions over the years about my products, how to wash off the paint, and how hygienic my stand actually is.
I am glad parents ask me these questions because it shows they not only care about what design is being painted on to their child’s face, but also about the overall hygiene and care that us face painters take to ensure the child’s safety.


“But it’s just face paint, why the concern?”

We live in a world where working with children has its rewards but it mustn’t be overlooked that as a face painter and entertainer, we have a duty to care for our customers, especially your children.
Face painting is a fun and exciting way of showing off our skills and art, as well as bringing joy to your child’s face.
With hundreds of painters all over the country, we make it look so easy that others think they can do it too but important factors get overlooked, such as insurance, hygiene protocols, types of paint etc.

So, to ensure your children are getting the best and safest designs around, here is what to look out for this summer – 

All face painters must have public liability insurance, this covers them for any accidents, breakages, etc and if you ask them to show they have this, will happily oblige if they are covered.
Most schools get the PTA or parents to volunteer to paint, which is great for keeping their cost down but they don’t always have the same hygiene standards as a professional.
Just make sure they use FDA approved paints (information found on the back of any paint) and they regularly change their water.

On the subject of paint, craft paint/craft glitter is a big fat NO!!!
These are not safe for the skin as they are not designed for this activity, especially craft glitter.

Does your child have any skin allergies or intolerances?

If your child has a skin allergy, or you are not sure if your child is allergic to face paint, just ask the painter for guidance.
They would usually offer a patch test, or take caution and not paint your child.
It is at their own discretion but I personally don’t like to take the risk if your child has eczema, chicken pox etc.

Quick Tip #1
Help a face painter out by bringing boredom busting activities for the face paint queue!
With face painting being such a popular activity, and having the longest queues, all those colours look so pretty and amazing, it’s tempting to pick them up, so  distract your little ones from getting overly excited and poking their fingers into the painters paint!

How do I Remove the Face Paint?

Just use warm water, odourless soap if needed.  don’t be tempted to use baby wipes as these may irritate the skin.
Try to avoid designs that have a lot of greens and reds, (Hulk springs to mind!) as these tend to stain the skin more than other colours.

Face Painting under 3’s

I personally don’t like to paint anyone under the age of 3 as they don’t really understand what is happening to them!

They get very wiggly so the designs don’t reflect what I normally paint and their skin has not fully developed yet so they are more prone to allergies.  I do offer arm painting if I believe the child will sit for it but this is at my discretion and judgement.

If in doubt, just ask!

Professional face painters won’t mind answering your concerns and if you have any worries, then don’t get your child painted.
Face painting is popular because children see it as something exciting, and different, and their faces light up when they look in the mirror, creating photo memories for you!

Quick tip #2
Sometimes the cheapest is not always the best!
That £1 tiger may get the job done, but compare that to a £3 butterfly and it is not worth the worry.

Expensive face painting reflects the painters experience, hygiene practises and insurance which is always worth paying for and think how wonderful your child will look when you look back at your memories and see a beautiful design!

Have a wonderful and safe summer, wherever you may go!

Want to see what a professional face paint design looks like?  Check out my face painting!

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Jelly Jade xx

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