Are You Making This Common Party Mistake?

common party mistakes

I’m just going to be honest with you, I see the same mistakes again and again and I feel it is my duty, as a children’s entertainer, to prevent you from making them so that you can have the easiest and less stressful time when party planning!

What is this party mistake?
Parents booking the venue before the entertainer!

It might not seem like a big deal, in fact, it sounds like most parents are super organised by doing this!
BUT it is a mistake doing it this way round.

Because there are hundreds of halls all over Essex but only a few good entertainers, including myself, and the good ones get booked up really quick!

If you book your venue first, you are missing out on having the very best in the business, and you are left with mediocre entertainers at cheap prices that won’t reflect the type of party you can have!

Case Study Number One 
It’s easy for me to say this, of course I want you to book me, but for the right reasons!
I had an enquiry yesterday for a birthday in two months time, but the parents had booked their venue first.  The times are set in stone and unfortunately for them, I am already booked for the time they require. But I truly believe I am the best fit for the type of party they are after.
They can’t change the time of the party so they are now struggling to find someone else who fits in with their needs.
If they had booked me first, then I would have given them a time slot that I am available and then they can call as many venues as they like with that time slot to book somewhere, problem solved!

Case Study Number Two
A super awesome customer who saw me at a party a few months ago called me today to see if I am available on her chosen date, I have a time slot for her and off she has gone to book the venue whilst I have pencilled her in until she finds one that fits in with us.
  This has made it stress free for both of us and once the venue has been found, it’s a win win situation for all of us!

How do I stop making this mistake?
The moment you want to start planning your child’s next party, find your entertainer first.  You may already have someone in mind, if so, get in touch with them today to get them booked in!
I personally take a booking fee of £50 to secure your time slot and date (and comes off the end of your total fee) no matter how in advance you book me.  

That way you can have peace of mind knowing your party is already half way planned!

If you would like to book me, check my availability and I can help with any other party needs you have!

I hope this has helped you in your party planning, just remember, the best parties are the most organised ones!

Jelly Jade 



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